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Parents - Teen Vehicle Operations Course


Read a letter from a parent of a new driver!

So your teen is ready to drive. We anticipate this step eagerly — no more car pools or chauffeuring to work and school, but we also know the danger involved in driving, and we know the statistics about teenage accidents. “Fear This” will try to help you prepare your teen and yourself for this major event in your lives!

Is your teen ready to drive?
Are you ready for your teen to drive?

  • Where will your teen be driving? What safety considerations does this area involve? 4-way stops? Left turns? Hidden drives? With your teen, look for these driving hazards and review how to negotiate them safely.
  • If you are teaching your teen to drive, make sure you teach them good road manners as well as letting them practice driving. Take your time — lots of practice in an empty parking lot will pay off!
  • Remember your teen in just that – a teenager. Your teen is still growing and maturing mentally and emotionally as well as physically. You gave them plenty of time to learn to walk; give them time now to learn to drive.
  • Teach by example — practice good driving habits, courtesy on the road, and obey traffic rules!