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Matthew Warren Lane - Teen Vehicle Operations Course

May 31, 1985 – February 9, 2003
Matthew Warren Lane, Son of Randy and Diana Lane, Brother to Andy and twin Dan Matt, (Matthew like to be called twin _ A) He barely took a breath when he was born and scared us half to death. But from that day on he lived and lived well! Matt was a outgoing, personable, friendly person. He knew no strangers and was truly a delight to be around. He was daring and loving, kind and humble. He loved his family and his friends deeply. Matt was loyal to a fault. Matt had wanted to be a teacher and a coach. He would have made an awesome high school teacher.

We will never be the same. Matt has left a legacy to us and to his friends. He wore a bracelet everyday. That bracelet simply said “Believe” . When I asked him what it meant, he told me that it meant he had self confidence. That he knew that if he tried hard enough he could do anything, That bracelet still is on my wrist. I have worn it every minute since his passing. And many of his friends and even some people he did not know are wearing “Believe” brace.

-Randy and Diana Lane