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JB Bader Testimonial - Teen Vehicle Operations Course

It has been almost three years since our oldest daughter, Brittany, spent a Saturday in the Fear This for Life program.  She has been and remains a very responsible and careful driver. She has had no mishaps, accidents or tickets. She has had several near misses in situations where other drivers were reckless or negligent and has reacted correctly to avoid what could have been serious accidents. She has mentioned your course several times and how she knows it gave her a sense of driving defensively and what to do in some dangerous situations.

I recall her stern reluctance to spend the day in your course but on the way home her comment that it was one of the most fun learning experiences she had ever had. Her twin sisters have just gotten their learners permits and know they will be taking your course when the time comes. Contrary to Brittany they are looking forward to it because of her comments not only about the course but about how she knows it has helped her to drive more safely. Thanks again for a great program and we will be seeing you sometime in the coming months.