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Barbara Testimonial - Teen Vehicle Operations Course


Just a note to tell you how much my daughter enjoyed the course. Even though she was dreading giving up her Friday night to sit in a classroom for 4 hours, she admitted that the time flew by and that the instructor was very informative and very entertaining. She was a bit apprehensive about the Saturday session, given that the outline for the next day seemed to be more than she was capable of. Of course, that changed with your instruction and the confidence you instilled in these young drivers. She conquered the driving session and was very proud of herself.

We compared this course with 2 other (more expensive) ones that we enrolled my son in 5 years previously. My husband, who attended all 3 courses, said that this course was the most comprehensive one and the one that addressed the most realistic experiences a teenage driver would face. The main exercise of what to do when a car drifts off the road (recovery) has hit home to us once again (we had a teenage neighbor lose his life in a car that was over corrected by an inexperienced teen driver). Just last week, a permitted teen driver from my daughter’s school lost her father when she was over corrected after veering off the road. The fact that you repeated the exercise (of how to correctly gain control of the car) so many times at different speeds so that it could become second nature is so important.

Thank you again. I have passed on your information to so many teens and their parents.

Barbara D.

PS. The fact that you also teach the kids how to change a tire is wonderful!!!